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T.A.B.S - To All Black Sheep - Odumodu - Agunna

T.A.B.S (To All Black Sheep) is a Tape released By Agunna & Odumodu of BlavckSheep Music Group.


LISTEN TO KLODJOUR, a track from the Album - FOR THE FULL ALBUM CLICK HERE http://blacksheepmusic.com.ng/albums/tabs/ 

Here's an extract from their website on the consept of the Album:

"This profound tape took a long while on the wait list but peeping through the track list and the work put into the making of this tape I feel it was worth the wait coz from some of them song titles on the album are things I haven’t really seen in the mainstream album listing coz everything they really talk about in the mainstream is sex,girls and partying but from track listings like this I wonder what would this songs be talking about in the sense that the names not only having matured humor but also a sense of secret information in the texts different from the track list I know this is a tape we had to talk about …This project T.A.B.S being the first project ever presented and released by Blvcksheep is a tape you have to listen to but we would first start by the concept behind the tape from both artistes involved.

“Have you ever started a journey without knowing where your final destination is?”

That’s kind of weird right?

The journey of T.A.B.S never started out with T.A.B.S in the mind of both artistes involved (Agunna_bu_eze & Odumodu Blvck), instead, it was a tape that was fully directed by Yahweh’s will, this is said because of the various incidents such as bad luck, moments of pain and joy and most especially miracles that occurred during the production of this masterpiece. It took exactly eight months to produce the tape. It could have been released earlier but as we all know “Greatness” takes a lot of time, hard work, prayers and patience.

T.A.B.S was inspired by Yahweh. Why? Because there were a time whereby giving up seemed like an option but due to God’s grace giving up was totally phased out of the equation.


The Tape was built strictly on real life bases. No track was written based on fantasy, because this gives the listeners an excellent chance to relate perfectly well with the music. Pain is a fantastic catalyst for success and T.A.B.S was greatly influenced by it. From the frustration of not having a dime to even buy fuel or pay for production, mixing or mastering, the struggle through patience to fighting against demons who tried to lay down obstacles so that the project would not reach its full potential, both artistes used these fortunate unfortunate circumstances to propel themselves into this project, just like what you said earlier “when you put on your T.V and all you see is naked women, corrupt politicians, people suffering, dying actually dying of hunger etc. as an artiste you have no option than to try and do something about it because Music is a Weapon, a magic wand not a toy for middle school scholars, that’s what T.A.B.S was created for to give you a real insight to life, something for you to hold on to when you are alone in your thoughts thinking about how to go about life’s challenges & pressures and conquer every fear and doubt holding you back from achieving your true heart desires or better God’s will and not to confuse you with temporary fantasies. A lot of things have been hidden by the gatekeepers in the entertainment industry both in Africa and worldwide that’s why nowadays you hardly hear songs or see visuals that ease your pain and sorrows through reality, only a few materials have the capacity to educate you and entertain you at the same time.

“T.A.B.S will educate you… T.A.B.S will entertain you. “

Even David in the bible used music as a weapon so when you restrict it to leisure, you defeat the purpose because it’s more of a weapon than a leisure tool. T.A.B.S is aimed at reconstructing the thoughts of any individual looking for light in the darkest of places. Inspiration comes with hope. T.A.B.S was inspired to give every human being Hope. It was created within a span of eight months which happens to be a short time for artiste who just started recording exactly eight months to a year ago that’s where the Grace of Yahweh comes in again also a lot of hard work was put into it but it was easier because of its high content of realness, when you speak the truth you find it easier to go about whatever it is you are working on, whether it’s a movie or a song or an article or book. The truth makes it easy for people to relate and more interesting for the audience and that’s what  T.A.B.S is about for instance take ‘T.R.S – Trybe Religion & Slaves’’ a nine minute track that does not only expose tribal and religious weakness but also points out how we humans have become slave to a lot of things that we think are right.

T.A.B.S erases false memories and thoughts, it refreshes the soul, and it makes a man to ask vital questions, questions that heal the soul after they have been answered with unquestionable lyrics. It does not pet your demons like take for example the name ‘To All Blvck Sheep’ when you hear the word ‘Black sheep’ the 1st thing that comes to mind is Negativity. T.A.B.S is here to erase such thoughts each and every one of us have not only betrayed people close to us but we have also betrayed ourselves and most especially our maker. We are all sheep’s and just because someone doesn’t think like the norm makes him or her a black sheep coz being black sheep means you think freely and there’s nothing wrong with that, saying there’s nothing wrong with being black sheep because that’s what all of us in Africa are.. We are all Black sheep’s… meaning we share that meekness of a sheep in our black skin. This doesn’t mean that Blvcksheep is making an excuse for evil deeds; instead it gives the rejected stone ‘Hope’… Hope that fuels your innermost passions and will to survive. It paves a way for the ones who are mentally in distress. In a case whereby parents don’t approve with their child’s future plans just because it doesn’t tally with what they know or what they have prepared for their kid in mind. Blvcksheep encourages you not to disobey your parents and loved ones but gives you a chance to convince them with your actions which are backed up by your determination to become an inspiration for people who support your dream, or one having the same issues of being blacklisted and also to the ones who think you must follow a certain path when there are several ways to achieve your innermost heart desires.

The tape ignites the passion in non-conformist to take it upon them to make the world a better place by deviating their thoughts from blacklisting down casting hypocritical comments laid out on them by other unbelievers (pagans) to discourage them from their destiny. T.A.B.S gives every black sheep hope that you can be a black sheep and still be well respected in your society and immediate surroundings. It has been tested because by the grace of Jah both young and old in the country’s capital are now chanting Blvcksheep everywhere both consciously and subconsciously for it is better to accept who you are now rather than run away from the truth.

I am Blvcksheep… Who are you?


Omo na so the thing go out here…



T.A.B.S - To All Black Sheep - Agunna - Odumodu

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