Mar 17

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Yo...! People of the world it's your soon to be obsession Brandon (aka Brandon hates nicknames). 

 A singer, song writer, dancer and artist... He's also an aspiring doctor. 18 yrs of age, he was born on May 21st and an hails from Benue state Nigeria. 

His music is a mix of different foreign sounds... A few people refer to him as #thechrisbrownofnja. He does sick Rnb and Hip Hop songs but loves trying new stuff all the time. If you haven't already heard his music you should check it out and tell comment what you think.

He has 1 song out and its called vibes and he has a few collabs all over the world.

Watch out for his new songs coming soon.

Follow the artist on IG: Brandon_sings & Twitter: akume_brandon



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